AIM Chat Rooms – An Updated AIM Chat Directory in 2013

AIM chat rooms are still alive and kicking. Below is an AIM chat directory where you can get your chat on once signed into AIM. Simply give the name of the AIM chat room a click and it’ll launch the chat on your AIM client. But before you start socializing, make sure you meet the following requirements!

Stop! Looking for The web chat website? Then this isn’t the page you’re looking for! Get updated info on on this page. :)

AIM Chat Room Requirements

  • Have AIM open and logged in Why?

    If AIM chats was a course in college, this would be the first thing covered in AIM chats 101. If you’d like to use our AIM chat directory below, it’s an absolute must that AIM is open on your computer and signed in. If you don’t already have an AIM screenname, you can easily sign up on their website (

  • Do not use the newest version of AIM! Why?

    AIM chats are still hosted on AOL’s servers, but that doesn’t mean the newest AIM version supports them, because they don’t. If you want to hop into one of their chats, use an older AIM version, not their newest. Their newest looks like the screenshot below. So if your AIM looks like that, you won’t be able to get into the rooms.
    newest version of aim

  • Allow AOL Instant Messenger to handle AIM links Why?

    When you click on an AIM chat name below, your browser basically tells AIM to open up whatever chat name you clicked. If it’s your first time using a web-based AIM chat directory, you’ll get some notification asking you to allow it or disallow it. Allow it. :) That’s the ticket to getting into the rooms below!

  • If you meet all of the requirements for joining an AIM chat room above, and you successfully navigate your AIM program to a chat, then you your monitor should have something like the below image on it. Notice I said something like. I said that because I use an older AIM version (specifically AIM 5.9). So the screenshot below doesn’t necessarily need to be an exact match for what’s on your monitor, just similar. :)
    aim chat room

    AIM Chat Directory

    Below is our interactive, up to date AIM Chat Directory (last updated August 29th, 2013). Just meet the requirements above and get to chatting! Have we missed an active AIM chat room that isn’t listed in our directory? Let us know by leaving a comment!

    Alone@Home SingleAgain RomanceConnection
    TwentiesLove ThirtiesLove FortiesLove
    LesbianChat BiChat GayChat
    Horny Love Cyber
    Lobby Chat Bored Add a Chat?

    Current Status of AIM Chats in 2013

    The current status of these chats can be obtained by using the AIM chat directory above. Simply going into the rooms above, and checking them out for yourself. But I’ll break it down for you anyways. Let’s take into account that it’s the year 2013. In this day and age, other major social networks are substantially dominating AOL’s instant messaging service. Not completely though, which is why AIM chats are still populated. Most of the rooms listed above can and do max out in the amount of slots AOL allows (the maximum amount of screennames in an AOL chat is 37). But that’s on a healthy day or night. More times than not, those rooms still get steady traffic and are usually at least half way full. But in this summary of the health of AIM chat rooms, please not only take into account what year it is, but also what time and day you choose to chat. For example, do you think a room will be active at 6AM (EST) on a Tuesday morning? No… more times than not, it won’t be.

    AIM Chats Popularity Through The Years

    Below is a demographic of how AIM chat rooms have declined in popularity throughout the years. In the above demographic, you can see that it was quite popular from 2005 to 2011. It also had a spike in popularity in 2007, although I’m not sure why. These were the golden years of AOL and AIM, when other social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) weren’t around (or as popular anyway). When everyone had an AIM screen name, and there’d be group chats with school friends and all that jazz. But these days are gone and somewhat forgotten. But that’s okay, because the point is… AIM chat rooms are still active. In the above demographic, the popularity of AIM chats still has yet to hit base line with 0 popularity, meaning AIM chat rooms still have juice in them!
    aim chat popularity over time

    When are AIM chats most active?

    I personally can’t provide any demographics, numbers, or statistics for the activity of AIM chat rooms, although I’m tempted to (for curiosities sake). But from what I’ve seen and witnessed, AIM is most popular at the end of the week, and the very start of the week. These high activity days include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now the time of activity within these days can vary. But usually on these days, AIM chat rooms are active later in the day, up until a little past midnight. So 7PM to 12-2AM are the time periods when these chats are most active. By the way I’m going by EST (east coast’s timezone).

    Common Questions about AIM Chat Rooms

    There are quite a few questions that are commonly asked about AIM chat rooms. I’ll do my best to answer them in a professional, full filling manner. If you’ve got a question you’d like for me to answer or if you have any corrections in the answers as follows, be oh so kind and give give me a heads up by commenting below. :)

    How many AIM chat rooms can I be in at once?

    aim chat rooms
    The AIM software only permits a single screen name \ single program to be in the maximum of three chats at a single given time. If you were to sign on another screen name with another instance of AIM, then you could be in a maximum of six chats at once.
    In the above image you can see that I’m logged into three rooms at once. If you’re curious about what AIM client I’m using, it’s AIM 5.9 with Messenger:mate as an addon (which is why I can use tabbed chats \ IM windows).

    Why did AIM Chat close?

    aimchat closed
    AIM chat’s (or closing was a decision made by AOL. Supposedly they wanted to take the company’s focus and energy from AIM Chat and strengthen other products.
    Please note that and the bases of this page (AIM chat rooms) are NOT the same thing! Despite the name of AIM Chat, the service was not actually AIM based, but just a web platform to interact in AOL chat rooms. As real AIM chat rooms continue to strive, so do AOL chat rooms. You simply need the proper software (as you do with AIM chats) to get into AOL chats. (AOL chats and AIM chats are different things!)

    If you want more in depth information about the AIM Chat website, check out our dedicated page on the site located on the AIM Chat page.

    Updated: April 13, 2014 — 11:51 pm


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      1. That’s a pretty specific request for an AIM chat room Mr. Green. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to accommodate your request. However I can recommend a couple AIM chats for you in our directory that might suffice. You can either check out our Gay chat or our ThirtiesLove chat. Best of luck!

      1. I’m sure I could offer you some assistance. What URL are you referring to? Is it an AIM chat room URL of some kind?

    1. none of these links work for me and I downloaded AIM 5.9 from What requirements would i have to meet so that the Chat opens on my vista?

      1. Ah I hate that problem. It’s an issue with your web browser. You can either do some research on your browser and how it handles magnet links, or I can help you and you can tell me what web browser you use. :)

      1. Yes, there are a few more active AOL rooms remaining, but AOL chats and AIM chats are actually different things. Thanks for the heads up though!

      1. There’s a couple ways you can go about getting back into an AIM chat after being banned from it.
        1) Talk to the owner or an operator of the chat and see if you can get an unban. That’s the only way to moderate the ban list unless you were to own the room yourself, which I wouldn’t recommend.
        2) Create another screen name. The ban list goes by screen names, so creating another screen name and joining will prove successful.
        3) Wait it out. Chat rooms and their ban lists reset after sometime. There’s no designated time when they reset, but they do every few months or so.

      1. I don’t think the Boston chats are active anymore. But I’ll keep an out eye and possibly add one in the near future, I’ll keep you posted via email.

      1. I believe RhyDin is more America Online based and less AIM based. So I’m sorry, but I can’t provide any insight into this at the current moment. Apologies!

      1. I’ll look into the activity of this chat and add it if it meets the proper standards. Thanks for the heads up twsgoody!

      1. Now now, don’t be like that Jss Barriro! SMS \ texting isn’t the future, it’s actually going to become ancient technology. Wait it out, you’ll see. :)

      1. This is one of the only remaining AIM chat directories left. It’s also the most updated, so technically there aren’t many (if any at all) AIM chats worth visiting aside from the ones listed above. Sorry if you’re disappointed!

    2. what the hell is this “Messages” app on mac, it says it’s required by Mac to function so I can’t delete it, every time I click on one of those chats it opens with the Messages app and obviously doesn’t work, but I’ve tried so many different AIM versions I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, I have an older version that’s working

      1. Sounds like a problem with magnet links. As I’m unfamiliar with the Mac \ OSX platform, I’d suggest seeking help at a mac \ apple forum. Best of luck! Sorry I couldn’t be of help.

      1. Don’t believe there are any active BBW AIM chats around bud, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find one in the AIM chat rooms listed in our directory! Good luck!

      1. Unfortunately at this time I am not at liberty to provide MessengerMate freely. MessengerMate isn’t required to join AIM chat rooms either. It’s just a perk. :P

      1. Yes, even though this tutorial was written from the perspective of a Windows user, these AIM chat rooms are still available for Mac Users with the use of Mac AIM clients.

    3. I’m shocked but relieved that people still use 5.9. Long live that version, it was the absolute best (and still is). Lots of good memories on these AIM chats. I owned a few back in 2006/2007.

      Really great to see this website trying to promote and keep them alive. Thanks dude! I assumed everything had officially died out about 2 years ago.

      If anyone remembers DeadAIM (, that site also vanished sometime in 2012. It’s really a shame in my opinion. It looks like AOL is using it for advertising for what it’s worth (surely not much now).

      1. nice to see an fellow old school (ish) AIMer stopping by. :) appears to be in an infinite redirect loop for me though. :( I wouldn’t be surprised if AOL owned the domain now and was utilizing it for advertising though. It’s one of the only things they’re excelling at now a days (advertising).

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